The 10 Commandments of Fantasy Football… Season starts tonight!


The NFL regular season kicks off tonight with a fantastic matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams. This also marks the start of Fantasy Football. The day is finally here!

I’ve played fantasy football for more than two decades with great success. Just like poker – it takes skill and luck to win! Over the years, I’ve created my Ten Commandments of Fantasy Football. Remember them, as you set your lineups:


Commandment I: Thou shall understand how the league is scored. Is it Standard, Half PPR, or Full PPR? In Standard leagues, Derrick Henry is a top-three running back. That’s not the case in PPR leagues, where a player like Austin Ekeler can be more valuable. Adjust your lineup accordingly.


Commandment II: Thou shall not overrate my favorite team’s players. Just because you are cheering for them personally doesn’t mean they’re the best play for the week.

Commandment III: Thou shall follow injury reports. Twitter is a fantastic tool to make sure your players are healthy and playing. Check injury reports one hour before kickoff Sunday afternoon.


Commandment IV:  Thou shall not get too excited about Thursday night games. Don’t start a player just because you want to have some “action” on Thursday night. If you wouldn’t start them on Sunday, why would you start them on a Thursday?


Commandment V: Thou shall set lineup each week. Bye weeks start Week 6. Keep an eye on that. Don’t accidentally start a player who isn’t playing that week.


Commandment VI: Thou shall pick up star running back’s backup. Example: If you drafted Christian McCaffrey, pick up Chuba Hubbard in case McCaffrey gets hurt again. Your star RB’s backup may still be available on the waiver wire.


Commandment VII: Thou shall work waiver wire early and often. After three weeks, you should have a good understanding as to the role for each player on your roster. Some players, like Washington’s Antonio Gibson, have question marks.


Commandment VIII: Thou shall not chase returns. Just because you have someone on your roster that “blew up” the week before, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. Start your best players.


Commandment IX: Thou shall monitor weather reports. Obviously, this isn’t an issue with dome stadiums, but once the games get rainy or icy, look out! Some offenses don’t function as well in mud.


Commandment X: Thou shall pay your league dues before the season ends. Don’t be the guy who forces the league’s Commissioner to pay out-of-pocket. I’ve been there. It sucks. At least give the Commissioner a heads up. I’m sure he or she will understand.


Good luck to everyone out there! Hope you win your league! And, I hope you listen to Halftime’s Fantasy Football segments Thursday’s at 1:30 p.m.


What do you think? What fantasy football commandments do you live by? Reach out to Michael on Twitter @MikeESPNSA. You can listen to Michael on “Halftime” weekdays from Noon to 2 p.m. on 94.1 FM.

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