The Astros are Champions and like the Spurs in 2014, it comes with a sense of relief

The Houston Astros are World Series Champions!

The second championship in franchise history comes with a sense of relief. You could see it on the faces of the players during the post-game interviews.

From the scandal that followed the 2017 season and getting close the past several years, this Astros team was on a mission.

It felt like the 2014 Spurs to me. That Spurs team was on a mission after the way 2013 ended. Mission accomplished and with it a sense of relief and some similar questions.

Is this team a dynasty? Much like the national debate about the Spurs, you are now hearing it about the Houston Astros.

Problem is there is no definition for dynasty. Some will say you have to go back to back others say you have to have sustained success over several years.

If you consider the great Spurs run a dynasty, then so are the Astros. Two titles in four trips to the World Series and six straight years of making the LCS while facing unbelievable scrutiny and pressure.

The future looks great for the Houston Astros to keep making deep postseason runs and add to the resume. They aren’t going away anytime soon, much to the dismay of Houston Haters.

We can’t erase the stain of 2017, but there is no doubt about 2022 and that makes it even sweeter.

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