The Commanders Show the Cowboys the Way
It is very difficult in the NFL to go the entire season  without a loss and on Monday night the Washington Commanders handed the Philadelphia Eagles its first loss of the season.  The Eagles are still in control of the NFC East but the Commanders win may have done something else besides get them to a record of 5-5, but it was a win that laid out a blueprint for the Cowboys for the remainder of the season. The Commanders were ball hogs, they dominated in time of possession, 40 minutes to just 19 for the Eagles. The Commanders did this by running the football, they carried the ball 49 times for 152 yards. Nothing eye popping about the numbers but it was enough to churn out first downs and keep the ball away from the Eagles potent offense.
Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke threw the ball 29 times for 178 yards most of which were ball control  type passes again milking the clock. The Cowboys defense has been great but imagine if the offense held the ball for 40 plus minutes how much better that defense would become. The Cowboys will be getting Zeke Elliott back this week when they travel to Minnesota to take on the 8-1 Vikings. A Vikings team that can run the ball and put up points. So why not take a page from the Commanders play book? Hand the ball off 50 times, play ball control and walk out with a win?
Everyone wants to talk about the Cowboys explosive offense and maybe at one point that was the case but unless you have lived in a cave for the last 8 weeks, the offense is not what it was and Dak Prescott is not the quarterback he once was. In fact I think it is time to realize that Prescott is not a top 10 quarterback anymore. So let’s look at Taylor Heinicke and the Washington attack, swallow our pride and win games. I think it might work and we have the Commanders to thank!
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