The Cowboys got the win but…it’s ok to be mad about how Dallas played.

Never apologize for a win. A win is a win at the end of the day. Your team can get a win and you can still be pissed off at how your team played.

I think that is how most Cowboys fans feel today…at least I do.

I did not watch the game from start to finish as I was traveling back from the ArmyNAVY game in Philadelphia. I was so confident that the Cowboys would roll, I did not set my DVR but I was able to see most of the game…the beginning at the hotel bar and most of the second half at an airport bar that had the Cowboys game on the smallest TV in the place…

I missed the final drive because about the time Dak threw the interception was about the time we started boarding. I followed the rest on my phone and at least boarded the plane knowing they got the W but pissed that they needed an incredible drive at the end to get it.

Credit Houston for playing tough. That might have been the best ball they have played all year…but yesterday was more about what the Cowboys did not do.

I know Head Coach Mike McCarthy says his team doesn’t start slow and yes, Dallas scored a quick TD, but they didn’t look ready. They looked flat. They played down to the competition, again.

I spend a lot of time defending Dak Prescott. I like him but games like yesterday is exactly why so many doubt him. Dak was not good for most of the game. He was brilliant on that final two-minute drive – 98 yards to win the game after his defense bailed him out with that great goal line stand after that boneheaded interception he threw.

Dak finished the game 24 of 39…we know his record when he throws more than 40 times in a game.

McCarthy talks about complimentary football…and yes they won…but the complimentary football – against the one win Texans – all three phases were bad.

The offense didn’t light up the scoreboard as expected. They line didn’t play great – and the injury to Terrence Steele could be a real problem because we know Josh Ball is not the answer. They Cowboys didn’t run well and Dak and the passing game struggled.

The defense was, well, not good against a bad Houston offense…no sacks on Jeff Driskell or Davis Mills and Houston ran the ball well. At the end of the game with a chance to put it away, they remembered they are the Texans…

Special teams…Kavontae Turpin and that fumble on the punt return really started the snowball rolling in the wrong direction for Dallas.

Every team in the NFL has games like that. Good teams find ways to win them. Credit Dallas for that but these slow starts will cost Dallas against good teams. Play like that will have Dallas end the season like they have for the past two decades, in disappointment.

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