The Cowboys lost at Green Bay, they stepped into the trap

It was a trap game.

While everyone was saying the Cowboys would blow out the struggling Packers, I said it all last week how nervous I was about the game. It was the definition of trap game.

And Aaron owns the Cowboys. Rodgers and yesterday Jones and I am guessing some guy named Aaron sold more beer than all the other beer sellers. There is something about Aaron and the Cowboys.

In reality, what I was worried about happened. The Cowboys played their worst game since the opener. Couldn’t stop the run, had way to many penalties and turned the ball over.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy, who is on R and R in The Morning every Friday, told Rob and Rudy that teams coming out of the bye lose more games than teams going into the bye…

And his team did not look ready. They struggled out of the gate. Once they built a two-touchdown lead it looked as if they got comfortable. Green Bay stayed with their plan.

Down 14, Green Bay stayed with the run and threw the ball when needed. Rodgers only threw the ball 20 times in the game…and he made the most of them. Green Bay knows the Cowboys can’t stop the run and by not throwing the ball all over the place, it took away what the Cowboys do best – rush the passer. Even Rodgers yelled at the coach for not calling a run play in a crucial down late.

Dak Prescott threw 46 passes…21 of those in the second half. The Cowboys didn’t stay balanced. Tony Pollard had another great game but the commitment to the run game wasn’t there.

Nine penalties – and a couple of really bad ones – and two turnovers that Green Bay turned into 14 points leaves us with a week of questioning just how good the Cowboys are. Because they stepped into the trap.

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