The Cowboys should win easy Sunday but is this could be a trap game?

The Cowboys travel to Green Bay this weekend to take on the Packers.

I have been nervous about this game all week.

It defines trap game.

The Cowboys SHOULD destroy this Packers team but it’s still Aaron Rodgers on the other side.

The Cowboys are coming off a bye. The last time we saw them they put up a season high 49 points in a win over the Bears. The Packers are coming off a loss to the Lions in a game where Rodgers threw 3 interceptions. Green Bay has lost five in a row…

As Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy makes his return to Green Bay, he told Rob and Rudy on R&R In The Morning “I don’t think it’s a trap game. This is a good football team. You watch the Detroit game and take away those two turnovers early, that game could be totally different.”

McCarthy continued, “the worst thing you can do in this league is get a bunch of false confidence and false confidence comes from when you look at your record verse their record. That is not how it works. That’s not how we work”

We are all human, including those who have a star on their helmets. How can Micah Parsons not be thinking about a multi sack game. How can Diggs not be thinking about picking off a future hall of famer.

Dallas is a legit Super Bowl contender. They SHOULD dominate the game. They are the better team. Every expert on USA Today picked the Cowboys. All but one ESPN expert picked the Cowboys.

The storylines this week have been more about McCarthy going back to Green Bay and OBJ potentially signing with Dallas. Less about Zeke’s knee and how the Cowboys are going to get a road win. Trap Game.

Again, the Cowboys should win this game…big. They should dominate. But if Green Bay is able to ugly the game up and stick around and Aaron Rodgers has the ball….and that makes me nervous as hell.

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