It was an ugly sight Monday night, Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams walking off the field after a tough loss to the Chiefs and shoves a cameraman to the ground.I have watched the video many times and I can’t see anything that may have provoked such an action. Adams tweeted an apology saying he was frustrated and that is not him and oh by the way, he hopes the cameraman sees this tweet. He has since apologized again before doing an interview.


Look we all get frustrated from  time to time and do stupid things. But I think this brings up a bigger issue, athletes, fans and the media and the common respect that needs to be there for everyone.  In my career I have seen athletes who get it and those that don’t. What I mean by that is whether an athlete or a coach likes it, the media plays a huge role in the success of a league. It is necessary to promote the sport, give fans a look at things they might not get to see otherwise. I have also seen media members whose main goal is to play gotcha trying to get that soundbite that goes viral. It’s the same for the fans.


I am a firm believer in the fans’ right to boo and criticize, after all, they pay a lot of money to watch their favorite teams play. But that does not give them the right to use racial slurs or confront someone. My point here is we are all to blame at times when it comes to the frustration excuse.

It’s time for all of us to understand the role of the other and continue to enjoy the sports we love.


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