The Great Escape

It has certainly been a rough week, the tragedy that unfolded in Uvalde is heartbreaking and just simply makes no sense. It is hard not to think about the  families who are dealing with the nightmare of losing a child or a mother and father.

The rest of us try and do what we can, thoughts, prayers, and donations are all great ways to help deal with something like this and many times is all we can do. But still even those of us who are not directly affected feel the emotion and the utter uncertainty of it all and it weighs on us.
That is one reason I am so fortunate to be in the business I am in, the sports business. Sports is truly the great escape. For a moment in time it gives our minds something else to think about, something to cherry and be happy about. The thoughts of the tragedy are still there but the mind can take a little bit of a break from the realities of a sometimes cruel world.
Sports has always been that way, a brief respite from the day to day grind.
So as we gather together this weekend to spend time at the beach, pool or BBQ pit, take some time of course to remember the brave men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. I hope we all take some time to think and pray for the families whose children were taken from us way too soon.
But then find a sporting event and give yourself some time off, some time to escape!
– Joe Reinagel