The L.A. Forum

Like many famous stadiums or arenas, The LA Forum is a destination when traveling. I saw Wayne Grtzky and the LA Kings play there in 1995. I saw the LA Lakers play there once. Seeing a game at The Forum back in the day was like going to the Garden or Wrigley Field.

In San Antonio, we all know the Spurs closed down the Great Western Forum when they eliminated the Lakers on their way to winning their first NBA Championship in 1999.

While true when it comes to the Lakers, I am glad The Fabulous Forum is not actually closed.  It is a thriving building that is one of the best concert venues I have been too.

Saturday night I saw Pearl Jam at the Forum, my third concert there. My first was the Chris Cornell Tribute in January 2019 and I was at the Foo Fighters show there in August 2021.  The sound and sightlines are perfect. The LA setting with the outdoor bars. The iconic look from the outside and that recognizable ceiling inside.

While I know the great history of The Forum, I may have appreciated it more this time because I have been watching Winning Time on HBO, which wrapped up season 1 on Sunday night. You cannot help but think of all the history there. The sign for Kareems Court. The VIP Club entrance. I saw the entrance but not inside the club…

If you get a chance to go to a concert at the iconic Forum, go.  Enjoy the show and enjoy the history.

As for my first Pearl Jam show, I might write about it in this space later in the week.

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