The Mafia has nothing on the NFL

Well it finally happened, we have a resolution in the DeShaun Watson case, he will be suspended for 11 games and fined 5 million dollars. This was a negotiated settlement between the NFL and the Players union. At least that’s what we all are being told happened. This whole thing has been the circus of all circuses. You can think whatever you want about Deshaun, it certainly appears that he has some issues to say the least. But when the NFL appealed the ruling of a retired Federal Judge and handed the case to a retired Attorney General clearly in the pocket of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the fix was in. The Union and the league both agreed to let Sue Robinson decide this case and when she did, Goodell caved to the public outcry and appealed. Under the rules he has the right, and could have heard the case himself, but that would have reeked of bias, so he lets his stooge take the case and then holds the reins so he can lean on Watson and the Union, which is what he did. So today we get a decision, 11 games, Watson will be eligible to return when the Browns travel to Houston to play the Texans. If that doesn’t smell fishy, nothing does. Who suspends someone 11 games? I think that is a first in my time covering the NFL. But Mr. Goodell got what he wanted and really that’s all that matters. His bosses get away with everything, while the moral superior Goodell lectures us about the reputation of the NFL. This sounds like a script from the Godfather doesn’t it? Goodell,  after all, made DeShaun an offer he could not dare to refuse and now the Family can move on.


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