The NBA Has a Cry Baby Problem

Is it just me or has the NBA gone completely soft? I watch a game these days and see very little if any physical play. I know, I sound like the old “get off my lawn guy” but it’s true. It’s not just that, teams have taken so called “load management” to new extremes and the trade demands are out of control. Not to mention the recent clown show tactics of Russell Westbrook and Draymond Green. Westbrook had two people thrown out of the game for allegedly making a rocking baby gesture, fans that shelled out big bucks for floor seats none the less. The there is Draymond Green who threw a temper tantrum of sorts when he thought he should have gotten a pass from teammate Jordan Poole. Draymond showed his disgust by walking off the floor while the other team sprinted down t the other end and scored. A once great sports seems to have been taken over by a handful of cry babies and I don’t know about you, but it makes it hard for me to watch. Some of my disgust comes from the absolutely awful play of the Spurs this year, which brings up the other problem the NBA has, rewarding teams for losing on purpose. I would like to think I am the only one that is turned off by all of these NBA issues, but I’m not. I hear from people all the time with the same disgust. The NBA was once a beautiful game and can certainly be that again, but right now it has turned into a nursery full of crybabies.

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