The San Antonio Spurs are fully prepared for NBA’s salary cap shifts

Expectations for the 2020-21 NBA season must be tempered and quite frankly, it may be a tame offseason around the league. No one knows what next season will look like or if the league can get fans back in stands, so there’s a decent chance that the San Antonio Spurs run it back next year with the same players give or take a few low-risk deals.

However, this might not be such a bad thing considering what the rest of the league is looking like. During this 2019-20 season, all but six NBA teams are operating above a -$10 million threshold in active cap space. Considering the amount of money invested in the Orlando restart, estimated at north of $150 million by ESPN, and revenue lost from fan attendance, one would have to suspect the NBA’s salary cap is going to take a dip.

Most teams are unprepared for this shift, but it’s seeming like the San Antonio Spurs are set to tackle this issue better than almost any other team.

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