The Spurs Aren’t Going Anywhere

The San Antonio Spurs are not moving to another city.

I truly believe that. At least right now. With the Spurs asking to play four home games in other cities, it has caused a panic with some Spurs fans and it’s understandable. It feels like the groundwork is being laid for a future move.

I understand why the Spurs want to have some home games not at home – they want to expand their fan base and attract corporate partners from Austin. I am on board with them playing in Mexico. I would be good with a home game in Corpus or Laredo. I am not a fan of them asking for a hall pass from Austin.

This four game ask…with Austin and all the tech companies in Austin and part of the ownership group in Austin is reason for concern. The lack of transparency from the Spurs, while normal for the organization, is reason for concern. They have done nothing to be proactive with the fans about this.

County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez was on The Blitz Tuesday following the Commissioner Courts 3-2 vote to give preliminary approval for the Spurs to play away from the AT&T Center in a one-year test. They will revisit the idea and vote in two weeks.

Rodriguez said he understands why Spurs fans are concerned. He said on The Blitz  “I think a lot of the angst has to do with this flirtation that the Spurs have gotten from Austin. Do alarms go off for me? Absolutely.”

Yes, the Spurs are building an incredible facility in San Antonio – The Rock – that will be their headquarters. They have been in San Antonio 50 years. But, the corporate dollars are in Austin right now.

The AT&T Center, or whatever it is called when they sell the naming rights, will need renovations soon. At some point, the Spurs will ask for a new building. And if they don’t get what they want…the groundwork is already being laid.

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  • Jason Minnix