The Spurs Magical Mystery Tour

I have had the pleasure of covering the San Antonio Spurs for over 25 years, but this year is so much different. The Spurs held their media day on Monday and the first change I noticed, a roster with pictures of the players on it. In all my years covering this team I have never seen that, but in today’s day and time, it is necessary.


It was also different to hear head coach Gregg Popovich lean into the microphone and tell us all that he would not advise any of us to head to Vegas and bet on the Spurs to win a championship. Pop was quite entertaining throughout his time with the media, joking about the youth of his team and his lack of knowing much about them. But he also said how excited he was to be able to see the development of so many young players with big time potential. Anyone who has listened to me over the last few months knows that I don’t like a re-build, I want the team to compete year in and year out.


I am a member of the spoiled Spurs fan club. This year will be hard for me to stomach, but at the same time I learned on Monday that watching this team grow and mature may be just as much fun. Granted, it will take time for me, but at this point, what else can I do? This is the direction the Spurs have chosen, so as a fan, I have to watch and get what little nuggets there are to enjoy the process. Maybe the best part about this, we are all in the same boat, it’s like a magical mystery tour that we all get to be on together. No one knows what this team is or will become. So here is to a season of lumps and learning and hoping the process will take us to a grand conclusion in the not so distant future.


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