The Spurs Magical Wishing Well

Have you ever gone by one of those fountains and flipped in a coin, made a wish and walked away hoping it would come true? I have many times, mostly as a kid and I am really not sure if any of those wishes ever came true. It reminds of what is happening with the Spurs right now. The team tells us it is in a rebuilding mode and this year is not about winning, it is about developing young players.

While that may be true, let’s be honest, the Spurs and many other NBA teams are flipping a coin in a wishing well and hoping their dreams of a French player named Victor Wembanyama comes true. First of all I can not comprehend a pro sports franchise trying to lose on purpose. Not that any of them will admit to that but it is obvious that is the plan. So Spurs fans will endure loss after loss this season under the guise of watching young players develop. Then we will all gather around the television next spring and pray that ping pong balls fall their way.

Now keep in mind there will be about 11 other teams hoping for the same thing.  The Spurs have been here before and they have gotten lucky before, Tim Duncan the latest and yes he changed this franchise. But the Spurs back then did not have the best odds of winning, Boston did and that fan base was devastated. My point here is just because the Spurs go through the misery of an awful season does not guarantee anything. I know most Spurs fans are on board with this plan, so I hope the balls fall in our favor. I don’t like it, I never will but will have to endure the process and in the meantime, find a fountain and some coins and make a wish!

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