The Spurs-Murray divorce is getting ugly

What started as an amicable breakup when the Spurs traded Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks is turning into an ugly divorce.

Murray has had some interesting social media posts regarding the team that drafted him.

It started a couple of days ago with the tweet that said ‘I feel free and I feel wanted”…in response to a post, Murray tweeted the problem is bigger than basketball and the Spurs would struggle for the next 15 years.

Immediately Spurs fans started hammering Murray…vilifying him to Kawhi Leonard levels…in another response, Murray said “Real and genuine love to the FANS ONLY”

None of us know what was going on inside that seems to have caused what is looking like an ugly divorce. In his press conference in Atlanta, Murray made it seem like it was best for both him and the Spurs to move on and the organization wanted to see him do well and have a chance to win, something the Spurs won’t be doing for a couple of years.

While he sometimes gets criticized for immaturity, I will say if things were that bad for Murray in San Antonio and he was that unhappy, I give him a ton of credit for being a pro. We had zero indications that he wasn’t happy. He said the right things, seemed to love the organization and staff and played his butt off.

I don’t know if we will ever know the true story but it is a sad ending. Dejounte has gone from a fan favorite to being compared to 2…

Can’t wait for the Hawks to come to town next season for the video tribute…

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