These Young Spurs Just Don’t Know Any Better

I asked the question on Twitter Monday night, “anyone that had the Spurs starting 3-1 please stand up.” If you did, I might question your honesty. I remained in my seat.


When we went to training camp and the Spurs handed out rosters with pictures on them, you figured it was going to be a long season. Not to mention Pop telling us all not to head to Vegas to bet on the Spurs to win a championship. But here we stand, 4 games into the season and the Spurs have won three straight and sit at 3-1. I am not sitting here thinking a 6th banner is in the works, but this young Spurs team is playing hard and working very well as a team. Why? I mean all of us got the Wemby memo, did it not get to Devin Vassell and Keldon Johnson? It did, you can rest assured. Any TV, Radio or newspaper told everyone we should be on board for a lottery pick, for the great and powerful Wemby!


The issue with these young Spurs, they don’t know any better. They think anytime you hit the floor you are supposed to win the game not tank for the future. The Spurts were embarrassed on opening night by the Charlotte Hornets, on Manu Gionobili night! Since then they have embarrassed the Pacers, Sixers and the Timberwolves.  There is still something to say about will to win and heart and these young Spurs have both. Will it last? I’m not sure, but I hope Spurs fans enjoy this bunch and if they manage to wreck the dreams of Wemby, so be it. Let these young Spurs play, cheer them on and let the chips fall where they may.


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