Thoughts on a 4-1 Rangers loss
  • I come not to praise the 2020 Texas Rangers, but to bury them.
  • I had pretty much written off the 2020 season for Texas a couple of weeks ago. And then they got on a winning streak, got above .500, and I thought, well, hell, stranger things have happened. Its a short season, expanded playoffs, maybe the Rangers can sneak into the playoffs somehow.
  • Since getting to 10-9, when I had those brief delusions of competence, Texas has lost 8 in a row, become laughing stocks over an unwritten rules clusterfuck when Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a grand slam off of Juan Nicasio to give the Padres a 10 run lead, gave up three more grand slams to the Padres in the next three games to end up in the records books, and then have been slept by the hapless Mariners.
  • Chris Woodward talked this weekend about the likelihood of the team shifting gears and making changes if things didn’t turn around. Guys like Anderson Tejeda and Leody Taveras will be coming up and getting regular playing time, it was suggested, while Kyle Cody and Wes Benjamin could get some run in the rotation. In the five weeks remaining, if the Rangers aren’t going to be in contention, they might as well see who might be able to contribute in 2021………………….