Three players the San Antonio Spurs can’t pass on in the 2020 NBA Draft

If one of these guys manages to slip through the cracks in the 2020 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs must be prepared to go all-in.

Selecting the best available player is a strategy that teams have used since the start of the conventional NBA Draft. For as crucial as roster fit may be, swinging on the greater talent in that kind of scenario helps teams to find star players while elevating their overall competency level — an essential trait for teams picking in the lottery. This pertains to the San Antonio Spurs now more than ever.

We know the Spurs are guard-heavy with a clogged rotation in that area at this point in their group’s development, but this is the highest pick they’ve had in over 20 years and the team cannot afford to draft a player whose ceiling is as a role player. Instead, they’ll need to go star hunting, or at least seek out a talent they can develop into a top player at his position.

Allowing certain guys to pass them by to fill a more pertinent position may seem logical, but not when you take into account their lack of star power. We love what the young guys have shown, but none have made it clear that they’re on the path to being an All-Star quite yet. In limited playing time during his first-year, Keldon Johnson showed more than any Spurs rookie has in quite some time. However, we need to see a full season of his game before making that kind of judgment.

Therefore, San Antonio has to go for the best players on the board once their time comes in a few weeks. It’s wholly possible for these three rising talents to slip to No. 11 and they need to pull the trigger if this becomes the case.

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