Thursday Morning Rangers Links

Evan Grant wants to talk knowns, unknowns, and known unknowns when it comes to the Ranger rebuild, like “is Aroldis Garcia for real,” “will Isiah Kiner-Falefa win a Gold Glove at every infield position,” and “do we only get to choose between a Joey Gallo that strikes out and homers or a Joey Gallo that walks?”

Evan also observes that Kyle Gibson and Jordan Lyles are having two very different types of season.

Leody Taveras is spending his time in AAA trying to fix a mechanical flaw in his swing.

Kennedi Landry has a mailbox column covering who she thinks will be the next new face in the rotation and whether this Ranger team is really an honest-to-God .500 team.

And, finally, about a month and a half ago I got two dogs from Korea. One of them, Rose, had lived her life in a cage in a restaurant. I asked my Korean rescue friends if that is sort of like a lobster in a tank at a seafood restaurant, and they first asked me what that meant and then explained that, while there are restaurants that serve dog meat that do have “lobsters in a tank” so to speak, it’s more common that dogs are sort of used as a disposal of sorts in kitchens and eat food waste until they are eventually sold to a butcher.

A friend of mine who trains service animals took an interest in her, and now Rose is in service dog training and will eventually be placed with a sexual assault survivor as a PTSD assistance dog. The below picture is from what’s called a “public access outing” at a hospital, where she is exposed to and learns about proper behavior in different (and often stressful or alarming) locations. Anyway, not Ranger related but I just thought it was a neat outcome for a dog that had a good chance of being butchered and eaten.