UTSA Football has a History Problem

The battle cry has gone out, “we need to pack the Dome.” UTSA football will be playing a top 25 team this Saturday and it’s up to all of us to show we want big time football in San Antonio. The pressure is on folks, better hurry and buy those tickets or else you just don’t care. Many prominent folks in the community have been quick to blame the UTSA marketing department for sagging ticket sales and maybe to some extent they could have done better. But please stop telling me that if we don’t pack the Dome this Saturday we simply don’t deserve big time football in this city. That is simply not the case, the problem for UTSA is a history problem. This football program is still very much a baby, most folks in this city have no allegiance to the Roadrunners. We cheer for them because it’s our hometown team, but making a point to pack 40 or 50 thousand folks in the Alamodome every week is a very tough sell.

Hundreds of thousands of fans in College Station or Austin each week is to be expected, but in San Antonio? With a football team in its infancy? Please stop! The comparisons are ridiculous as well, UTEP did it last week, they started promoting the game back in March, see UTSA, why don’t you do it like them? If all we care about is setting attendance records, let’s go all out, give tickets away. Instead, why don’t we all be patient and let the Roadrunners and this city develop a relationship, a history with one another. But in the meantime, stop the blame games and the guilt trips, the fans don’t deserve it and neither do the folks at UTSA. Go Runners!

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