UTSA got the ‘L’, but the Roadrunners conference champ contenders again

The result was not what the UTSA Roadrunners wanted.

UTSA lost in triple-overtime to the Houston Cougars Saturday in the Alamodome to kick off the season.

While the loss was gut-wrenching, UTSA showed they can play with anyone. Houston is ranked in the Top 25 and headed to the Big 12.

Watching the game, it did not feel like the Roadrunners were outmatched – athlete to athlete – it looked even from the stands. UH wasn’t bigger, stronger, faster. They just made one more play.

Coach Jeff Traylor said all the right things after the game. So did the players. From inside the program to the fans, the Roadrunners felt like they should have won the game.

They got an L. They will not have a wild undefeated ride to start the season but their goals are still attainable. It does not matter what happens this week at Army or next week in Austin.

They might not get the same national media attention this year, They might not make the Top 25 at any point, but what happened Saturday will help them with what matters – and this is winning the Conference Championship again, and that is still on the table.

With yesterday being a holiday, our weekly visit with Coach Traylor moved to today at 5:30p. While he does have a 24 hour rule like most coaches, my guess is he and the team are on to Army – although we will get him to look back on Saturday.

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