We don’t know if last night was the last for Pop to coach in SA

Only time will tell if last night’s game was the last that Gregg Popovich will coach at the AT&T Center.

He has really given no indication that he is ready to retire other than accepting the Hall of Fame enshrinement, which will be made official on Saturday night during the Final Four.

I know that is a stretch – but if you are looking for clues, that is a big one. He could have allowed his name to move forward in the HOF process years ago. You could argue that he waited for the Big 3 to go in and he would follow but he allowed his name to move forward without assurances that Tony would go in this year…again, a stretch but it’s something that tells me he recognizes the end of his career is near.

It will be his choice when it ends. Pop has earned the right to decide when he will no longer be the head coach of the Spurs.

But how long will he have that option? Should he have that option?

Jim Boeheim had the option at Syracuse until he didn’t.

Bill Belichick is as comparable to Pop as we have. He is another coach that has earned the right to decide when he will no longer be the head coach of the Patriots but reports this week say he is on the hot seat.

Belichick is even backtracking on comments he had this week at the owners meetings in Phoenix. Earlier this week he said “The last 25 years” when asked what should give fans reason to be optimistic this season.

At the LSU Pro Day yesterday, Belichick clarified “We’re not resting on our past laurels; that’s not the message to the team or the fans.”  

That is sports. What have you done for me lately?  For guys like Belicheck and Pop they have more leeway than a younger coach would have but fans and owners, patience is still pretty thin.

As a Spurs fan, I understood the assignment this year but I don’t know how patient I will be if next season is like this, or the season after that or the season after that.

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