Wearing Another Team’s Colors… Is this right or wrong?

Personally, I could never do it. The idea of wearing another team’s colors weirds me out. I am a die-hard San Antonio Spurs and New Orleans Saints fan. You would never in a million years find me sporting another team’s jersey. I don’t care what city I’m visiting. I don’t care if it reminds me of my childhood. Nope! I am not wearing another team’s colors.

This whole debate started innocently enough. My Tuesday co-host on “Halftime,” Carolina Teague, posted a photo of herself on social media wearing a throwback Houston Rockets’ Hakeem Olajuwon jersey. Carolina was a guest on a Houston sports talk radio show and wanted to show her appreciation for that city.

I found this odd. You see, I have been accused of being a “fake” Spurs fan by many recently because I wanted the Spurs to have the best draft pick possible. Losing games increased that chance. So, I called myself Captain of Team Tank. It’s not that I cheered against the Spurs; I just didn’t get upset if they lost. Keep in mind, the Spurs won the NBA Lottery twice in the past, allowing the team to select David Robinson and Tim Duncan. The rest, as they say, is history. 5 championship rings.

So, if I’m a fake fan, what does that make of a Spurs fan who wears another team’s colors? Can you be a Spurs fan and rock a Steph Curry jersey? What about a Luka Doncic jersey? Or LeBron’s?

What about throwbacks? Is it okay to wear a Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or Larry Bird jersey because they remind us of our youth? I created a Twitter poll about this topic and nearly 300 people responded. The results are crazy close!

·       34% believe “Throwback” jerseys are cool if you are a Spurs Fan

·       33% believe Spurs fans should only wear Silver and Black

·       33% believe you can be a true Spurs fan no matter what jersey you wear


For the record, I do not think Carolina is a fake fan. Far from it. She loves the Spurs. I was just shocked at her photo. The Twitter poll showed that many agree with me… and the same amount of people agree with her. Some of the Twitter comments made me think. One asked if we would ever see a Houston Rockets fan wearing a Spurs uniform. Others believe throwbacks are “okay,” as long as you don’t wear a Lakers jersey. Sorry, Kobe fans.

Interestingly, Cowboys fans seem stricter with their fandom — suggesting that no true Cowboys fan would wear another team’s gear. I get that. Because that is what I have believed my entire adult life. Maybe I can become more flexible and be okay with throwbacks, if they’re from the 80’s and 90’s. I have a Phoenix Suns’ Kevin Johnson jersey somewhere in my closet from high school. Class of ’95. Probably doesn’t fit, but if it does maybe I’ll wear it. Just not in public.

  • Michael Jimenez