Welcome Back Mr. Brady

Tom Brady returned to Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp on Monday after a two week hiatus. Everyone was making a huge deal out of this mid training camp absence and perhaps rightly so, it’s unheard of for a player to leave in the middle of camp. When Brady first left camp, speculation was he was tending to his sick mother, but according to CBS Sports, that is not the case. CBS is reporting  Brady was in the Bahamas spending time with his family. For a normal person this would be an outrage but for Brady is it that really a big deal? The Bucs contend this was all planned before camp and that makes sense. This was a trip that was most likely planned while Brady spent a short time in retirement. Look, I don’t want to see this become a trend, but we are talking about Tom Brady, arguably the best to ever play the game. The man just turned 45 years old and is looking like he is in the prime of his career. Tom Brady will be just fine when the Bucs travel to Dallas week one for that showdown with the Cowboys. Sometimes we have to reward longevity, give a few more perks to those that have put in the time and earned an extra vacation or two. If Brady struggles this year, we will all look back at this beach vacation. Not sure if that will be fair but it will be. So I say welcome back Mr. Brady, I for one can’t wait to see you back on the field once again!

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