Were You Even Watching the Game?

Since when did a tie become the worst thing in the world?

The Houston Texans played the Indianapolis Colts to a 20-20 tie on Sunday afternoon, and it seems the prevailing thought is Lovie Smith screwed the pooch electing to punt on 4th and 3 with 26 seconds left opting to play for the tie instead of going for the win. The problem with going for the win is you bring a loss into the equation as well and if you were watching that game the Texans had all the momentum in the first 3 quarters building up a 20-3 lead….They also lost all of it from the 3rd quarter on, and we we all know watching football for as long as we have, momentum is real when it comes to determining a football game.


Look I applaud the Giants for going for the win on the road, but that was on the road, and they were playing better at the end of that game than Houston was. Davis Mills had led zero scoring drives since the start of the 4th most were 3 and outs, the Colts offense and Jonathan Taylor had got going you already avoided a loss when Goggles aka Rodrigo Blankenship missed the game winner before. The Colts had 26 seconds and 2 timeouts and the Texans defense was gassed at that point and you would have given the Colts the ball at midfield, It was the recipe for a loss.


I have plenty of issues with the game and things they did wrong, mainly the offense going very conservative following the big lead allowing the comeback, not attempting a 53 yard field goal and instead taking a delay of game penalty and punting late in the game as the Colts were coming back, and most importantly Rex Burkhead out touching rookie Dameon Pierce 19-11 in the game especially on the 3rd and 1 prior to the 4th where he punted in overtime. Dameon has proven to run with aggression, not only do they likely pick up the 3rd and 1 with him in there but they don’t lose 2 to 3 yards on the play setting up the longer 4th taking them going for it off the table in my opinion.


I give the Texans credit for accepting the tie because in the grand scheme of things a tie is better than a loss when you talk about standings, and the AFC South is wide open as evidence by this first week so putting yourself in position to allow the season to unfold and give yourself a leg up on the rest of the division allows you the opportunity to see how Davis Mills responds possibly if they say in the division hunt later in the season.


Let me know what you think, should they have gone for it anyway and risked the loss? Folloow me on Twitter @IamPledger and let me know, and don’t forget to tune into R&R every weekday morning 7-10a and Halftime 12-2p, and of course join myself and Jack Thompson every Saturday Morning from 7-9a for the Saturday Morning Hangover.

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