By Jason Minnix

What. A. Game.

What. A. Final Four.

What. A. Tournament.

Was this the greatest Final Four? Tournament? Always a fun debate especially knowing the spilled beer and other things in New Orleans haven’t been cleaned up yet but the One Shining Moment video says it all.

Congrats to Kansas. Congrats Bill Self. Mark Emmert couldn’t have made that situation more awkward at the trophy presentation by the way he was standing on the stage and then calling them the Kansas City Jayhawks.

With the thrilling UNC win over Duke Saturday in the semifinals ending Coach K’s career to the Kansas come back over UNC, hard not to say this one wasn’t the greatest tournament, greatest Final Four.

It was certainly the greatest comeback in Championship Game history. 16 points. After the stunning first half that was dominated by UNC, we all watched in awe as Kansas came back – the final 10 minutes of that game were incredible. And if you had the over, you were hoping for OT.

While UNC beat Duke Saturday, it certainly feels like Duke had a hand in beating UNC on Monday. The Tar Heels looked exhausted both mentally and physically. And Kansas overcame their bonehead play in the final 10 seconds.

And while I wasn’t rooting for Kansas, I am happy for Bill Self. Hearing him on the radio pregame show he said if they won, his mother would enjoy it the most. He explained his father had recently died and she had been caretaker and through this tournament run, she was finally living again.

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