Through nine games of the season so far, several Spurs seem to have undergone some kind of transformation. Dejounte Murray’s shooting touch and ball-handling abilities have taken the next step. LaMarcus Aldridge continues to expand his game away from the post and into a front-facing shooter. Lonnie Walker IV is becoming more aggressive, and Keldon Johnson is much more of an offensive threat than his college scouting report ever claimed.

However, one player who seems to have changed the most may the most unexpected: DeMar DeRozan. There were glimpses in the Bubble, but DeRozan has seemingly transformed overnight from a player who needs the ball to be effective to one who is both a willing distributer and effective spot up shooter all the way out to the three-point line.

Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer took an in depth look at DeRozan’s expanded game and what it means for him and the Spurs going forward. There’s his increased there-point shooting:

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