It is tackle football.


I certainly understand the need to protect the quarterback. The league and the fans love the QB and we know the value they have to the success of your team and the league.

What we have seen the last couple of days is egregious. Is it an over correction after the Tua concussion, probably…


The sack on Tom Brady Sunday and the sack of Derek Carr on Monday Night Football drew roughing the passer penalties and outrage from fans, media, former players and even current players like Micah Parsons.


On both plays, the ref was protecting the quarterback – and both got in wrong. ESPN is reporting that the NFL completion committee is going to discuss after the season. That may be too late. This is something they need to look at now.


Hell, the sack on Brady cost the Falcons a chance to win the game.


According to, The NFL rulebook notes: “When in doubt about a roughness call or potentially dangerous tactic against the quarterback, the referee should always call roughing the passer.”

While the league seems to not want to make roughing the passer a reviewable play, why not incorporate a sky judge like we had in the AAF.


If the league uses an eye in the sky policy to monitor for concussions, a Sky Judge to help referees on the field could only help. The official’s angle and closeness to a play, with their goal of protecting quarterbacks, puts them at an unfair advantage on plays like this. Imagine, being the only guy who thinks you did your job correctly.


With NFL officiating seemingly under more fire than ever and the goal to get it right, now is the time for the Sky Judge in the NFL.


During AAF games, missed calls or corrected calls did not take long. The Sky Judge buzzed down and the call was made. It did not take a lot of time like most reviews do. The Sky Judge is watching from the press box and has the benefit of replay.


It worked in the AAF…It would work in the NFL.


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