I hope everyone took a lot of deep, patient breaths over the course of Wednesday night’s tussle in Brooklyn. It has been well established at this point that the Spurs are all but locked into their destiny as the 10th seed and the intensity of this game seemed to reflect that sense of urgency. It felt like a scrimmage out there with the two teams running through various system checks while gearing up for a long journey that’s just around the corner. Winning or losing was beside the point.

I’m fascinated to see what happens with the Spurs in the Play-In tournament. I guess we sort of have no choice to be but, still, I can’t shake the feeling that this team has been in survival mode for the better part of a month now. Almost as if they powered everything all the way down so they could just drift along to the finish line. It hasn’t been the most pleasant viewing experience of my life and I certainly won’t be regaling my grandkids with stories about the 2021 stretch run, but I can’t really argue the strategy.