I had my take all ready to go. Seriously, as soon as the lineups for the game were announced and it appeared that the Raptors were just going to mail this one in I figured it would pretty much write itself. After a truly horrid stretch of basketball, the Spurs were now going to be the proud owners of a three game win streak and I was going to have to come in here and tell everyone to calm down. Be a total bummer. I was going to throw cold water over everyone’s excitement and y’all would’ve been so mad about it. Thankfully, I guess, the Spurs took care of that for me.

The Spurs go out of their way to not get our hopes up


Seriously though, how did they lose this game? The Raps were on a back to back and the Spurs were rested. The Raps sat their best players and we pretty much had a full contingent. I’ve been doing my best to try and tack back towards the positive recently and I promise we’ll get there eventually, but I don’t think we can honestly assess this game without dealing with the profound disappointment stemming from the fact that the Spurs are just not in a very competitive place at the moment. We knew this. Or, at least, I think we knew this. I thought we knew this. Who can even keep track anymore? But this somehow feels like we’ve found a new rung on our descent down the despondency ladder.

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