What’s in a Logo?

Companies spend thousands of dollars and have many eyes look at logos before they are released to the public.

And those companies know not everyone will love them. They anticipate the criticism but for the most part know that after the initial reaction, they will grow on people.

The Spurs released a logo for the 50th anniversary season and from what I could tell, most liked it.

Then the San Antonio Spurs released three secondary logos on May 23rd that, according to the press release, expands “their visual identity to include three new secondary logos. These new marks help broaden the team’s brand with three adaptable logos, while staying true to the Spurs iconic legacy.”

With all the recent relocation fears from fans – the Spurs insist they are not going anywhere – these new logos certainly say San Antonio, public reaction on social media quickly pointed out how Austin is emphasized.

The Texas shaped alternate logo has the Spurs seemingly over Austin. The two with SATX – the Spur drawn underlines ATX.

Maybe it’s a cost saving move for SS&E so the logos can easily be adapted for the Austin Spurs?

In all seriousness, I still think these alternate logos are a way to sell more merchandise. The shirt you bought five years ago is still good to wear. We know they need to increase revenue so giving fans new options should help with merch sales.

If anything, over the last month, the Spurs should see how any flirtation with Austin is seen as a real threat to Spurs fans in San Antonio. We don’t want to share our team.

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