Where would we be without Mom?

I find it funny how one day a year we are supposed to honor the one person who works harder than anyone everyday of the year. The one person who loves us unconditionally no matter what we do.  Of course I am talking about Mom.

Before I get started, let me be transparent, my mom left me and my dad when I was only five. My Dad and I were on our own for a while before he remarried and let’s just say that mom was not a candidate for mother of the year. I am not saying all of this to get your sympathy but I want you to know I have since seen the beauty of what true motherhood means.
First of all my beautiful wife Maggie, two kids of her own who she would move heaven and earth to make sure they are taken care of always. Then my own daughters, Julie, Kasey and Kassidy, all of which have children of their own. I am proud to say they are wonderful mothers. I also have a great mother in  law, Sharon, who has taken me into her family and treated me like a son.
Now that you know my life story, the point of this article is, if your mom is still with us, make sure she knows her work is appreciated everyday of the year. Treat her well this weekend for sure but don’t let it stop there.
I have come to learn the importance of a great mom and now truly know and can answer the question, Where would we be without mom? The world would be a much darker place!
Happy Mother’s Day!!
– Joe Reinagel