Which side of the smokescreen are the Dallas Cowboys on?

The Jimmy Johnson era of the Dallas Cowboys showed the team that was far ahead of their peers both on and off the football field. The NFL is a copycat league it is no surprise that everyone else caught up to what the Cowboys were doing.

From creating trade charts to trading away older names for younger cheaper options, the team won Super Bowls because they were ahead of the curve on most matters that were often overlooked.

The New England Patriots pushed those boundaries as far as some believe they can go according to the rulebook but there are still some tricks that teams can pull to try and force another team’s hand.

The Kyle Pitts to Dallas narrative has taken a life of its own with a report coming out that Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is “infatuated” with the Florida tight end. There are even rumors that the Cowboys might be exploring a trade-up into that spot to draft this unicorn.

If Kyle Pitts falls to the team at ten I am in the belief that you have to take him purely because you simply cannot pass up on that kind of talent. I would by no means trade up for him unless it was a need.

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