Who are Spurs fans rooting for: Western Conference Edition

Yesterday you voted for who you’re rooting for to win the Eastern Conference, but that poll was probably easier for Spurs fans than this one. Unlike the teams from the East, the Spurs have had rivalries with virtually all of the Western Conference teams, some of them what we call “heated”. So when asked which team from the West a Spurs fan will be rooting for in the Bubble Playoffs, the answer is more likely to be “none of the above”. But that’s not an option.

However, unlike with the Eastern Conference, in which I pre-eliminated the Nets and Magic, I will write up all eight Western Conference teams. Unlike yesterday’s piece, which went from 1 – 6 in seeds, we will start at the bottom of the West and work our way to the top.

As a refresher, here is add my preseason regular season prediction for each team. I made those predictions in 140 character Tweet format. (Not sure why I did that — and if you are wondering, I predicted that the Spurs would save the Streak by coming in 8th.)

And away we go!……….


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