Who is the best player on the Cowboys?

Who is the best player on the Dallas Cowboys?

For my money it is Zack Martin. Hands down.

When we are in Oxnard at Dallas Cowboys training camp most of the staff seemed to agree – Martin is a beast.

But according to the NFL Top 100 list, he is not even close.

No. 68 on that list.

Dak is No. 44 and Diggs is No. 23 on the list…The top 20 have not been revealed yet so it is a safe assumption that Micah Parsons makes the top 20. DLaw isn’t one of the 80 revealed and I doubt he makes the top 20.

So of the NFL Top 100, including Parsons, six Cowboys will make it and Zack Martin would be 4th. Nuts.

My Top 5 would be Zack, Micah, Dak, Lamb and Diggs.

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