Why Are We All Drawn to Tiger Woods?

Sitting at my desk on a rainy Thursday morning preparing for The Blitz later today, I have one eye on my work and another on my phone watching the Masters. In fact I couldn’t wait for the live coverage to begin because I knew Tiger Woods had an early tee time. Look, I have and will always be a Jack Nicklaus guy and always rooted against Tiger early in his career because I didn’t want him to beat Jack’s records.  But I was always drawn to Tiger, just like millions of others, but why?


When Tiger hit the scene, he had that something special, something you only see from the greatest athletes in the world, a swagger and confidence that most of us could only hope to have. He was so dominant in his prime making the game look so easy while frustrating to his opponents. No one could touch Tiger and we enjoyed watching the dominance. But that was then, why do we still watch Tiger today? Tiger has made his share of mistakes in his personal life and survive a car accident that would kill most people, but still he keeps coming. In fact when  he made the cut in last year’s Masters, I was shocked and it cost me a very expensive bottle of whiskey.


But I was foolish to think a player like Tiger Woods could ever be counted out. So we will watch Tiger play as long as he chooses to play. Not because you expect him to win, but because as long as he is on the course, there is always a chance that he will and we will all celebrate like it is his first. Tiger Woods is one of those special talents that come around every once in a while. So as long as he plays, I will watch and I am confident you will too.


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