Wiggins’ dunk is one for the ages… If the Warriors win title

Andrew Wiggins’ dunk over Luka Doncic Sunday night will be replayed for years to come. The play will become legendary, if the Golden State Warriors go on to win the NBA championship. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but Wiggins’ dunk was better than Ja Morant’s tomahawk over Malik Beasley last month.

Wiggins got a running start from the top of the key, cocked his right arm back, and violently dunked over the Mavericks’ star. TNT’s announcer screamed, “He dropped the sledgehammer!” as Wiggins celebrated with teammate Draymond Green. Then confusion set in.
Doncic flopped while midair, pretending to be hit in the head. I’m not sure how he had the presence of mind to do that! The refs bought the flop and called Wiggins for an offensive foul. The Warriors immediately challenged the call and replays showed Wiggins did nothing wrong. The refs overturned the call… two points for Wiggins!

Wiggins’ dunk reminds me of what Dominique Wilkins used to do during Slam Dunk Contests in the 80’s and 90’s. A full windup followed by a devastating slam. The fact that Wiggins was able to do this in the middle of a real game is incredible. The play served as an exclamation point in Golden State’s Game 3 victory over Dallas.

Earlier in the playoffs, my jaw dropped when Memphis’ Ja Morant “posterized” Malik Beasley of Minnesota. Morant appeared to defy gravity as he jumped over his 6’4” competitor. Beasley stood there hoping to draw a charge that never happened. Ja’s dunk was brilliant, but not as good as Andrew’s because Luka Doncic actually tried to block it. Luka is also a few inches taller than Beasley.

Both dunks remind me of iconic dunks of the past, like Manu Ginobili’s monster dunk over Chris Bosh in the 2014 NBA Finals… Scottie Pippen’s embarrassment of Patrick Ewing… and John Starks’ throwing down over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan. Those plays will live in my memory forever.

Andrew Wiggins is now part of that company. An incredible dunk for sure. If the Warriors win the title, Wiggins’ play goes from incredible to iconic.
– Michael Jimenez on Twitter @MikeESPNSA