With Dak hurt will the injury will steal the spotlight from many of the issues Dallas had against Tampa Bay?

What a disaster to start the season.

What was an embarrassment for the Cowboys somehow is now worse for the Dallas Cowboys.

With Dak needing surgery and expected to miss 6-8 weeks, Jerry can go trade for a QB, but how much will it matter?

With that offensive line and receiver group, issues we all talked about all off season, is there a QB available that can help tread water until Dak is ready? Probably not although anyone not named Cooper Rush might provide some hope.

Before the injury, Dak was AWFUL against Tampa Bay.

Not only did the Cowboys fail to score a touchdown, they failed to reach the Red Zone.

In the first half, Dak was 6 of 16 for 53 yards with a pick. He finished 14 of 29 for 134 yards before leaving with the injury.

The stadium was electric last night – a playoff atmosphere – the first drive showed some creativity but ended in a field goal…the defense made some stops but the offense was just off.

Dak was off…maybe his ankle? Maybe I am making an excuse for him – my seat at the game is in the end zone – I like being able to see the entire field and watch what goes on from the all-22 angle – it didn’t seem like he was planting and driving through on some of his passes. Sometimes it looked like he had a little limp…

Bad ankle, bad thumb, bad plan – Dak was bad last night and then he got hurt.

The injury will overshadow 10 penalties. The injury will overshadow the issues on the line. The injury will overshadow issues at wide receiver. The injury will overshadow a great defensive performance. The injury will overshadow a dismal offensive performance.

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