With Wemby on his way to San Antonio, Spurs are back to chasing trophies instead of lottery balls

As I sit here writing on a Wednesday morning, last night really happened.

The sun seems extra bright today.

The year of the tank was worth it. Wemby is on his way.

For the third time in Spurs franchise history, the Spurs will pick No.1 in the draft and there is no doubt who they will take.

It was a tough season for everyone – something we are not used to here in San Antonio and the basketball Gods answered all the prayers.

By design, the Spurs were going to bottom out this year, With a player like Victor Wembanyama, this was the year to pull the plug and race to the bottom to try and get that 14 percent chance at the greatest prospect since Lebron.

And when San Antonio came up No. 1, yes it was worth it.

David Robinson and Tim Duncan brought titles to San Antonio. And with Wemby soon in San Antonio, we are back to chasing trophies instead of lottery balls.

For those that joined us last night at the watch party at The Roo Pub, thank you – that is a night that we will never forget.

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