Worth the Wait

Delayed multiple times because of COVID, three years or so in the making, The Stadium Tour finally made it to San Antonio and it did not disappoint.

Iconic rock bands Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett and The Blackhearts delivered what you would expect in a mega concert that lasted about seven hours.

Being in Vegas since Tuesday, I was ready to blow off the show but secured tickets Sunday morning from Awesome Tickets. I am glad I went.

By the time we dealt with the traffic and got in, Joan Jett was already on – her set started at 4:30p…her voice – gravelly and smokey – sounded great.

Poison was the band I did not have high expectations for – I have seen some bad Poison shows – but they probably had the best set of the night. You could tell just how much fun they were having on stage.

Def Leppard sounded like they always do – professional musicians – solid set as you would expect. Joe Elliott sounded great and how can you not be impressed with Rick Allen and his drum solo…he makes drumming with one arm look easy.

I was at the Motley Crue final tour show in 2015 – which was their final tour until this one…I have seen the Crue a couple of times and last night was everything you would expect from Motley Crue, minus the Tommy Lee drum solo. I know he has been dealing with that rib injury…and he did tell a funny story about how he was on a bender a couple of weeks ago and took a picture that ended up on the internet – you may have heard about it – he owns it.

It was hit after hit after hit and the Alamodome crowd was in it as we went back in time…For the most part, the sound in the Dome was great. The lights, lasers, video walls and effects were solid. You will probably hear people complain about super long lines for merch, beer, food and bathrooms but I doubt you will hear people complain about the performances.

And if you have a co-worker that is dragging today…if they stayed until the end, they probably got home close to 1 am like I did…

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