Here are 4 ways the Cowboys’ offense can still remain potent without Dak Prescott

Terez Paylor

·Senior NFL writer
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When Dak Prescott suffered his gruesome ankle injury in the Dallas Cowboys’ victory over the New York Giants on Sunday, you could feel the sadness in the air at AT&T Stadium, even through the television and device screens.

They were evident in the tears that streamed down Prescott’s face and the wounded looks from his teammates. Even the Giants were dismayed.

Dak is a guy who does just about everything right and is well-liked throughout the league. He’s also in the middle of a contract season, and in the moment, it was hard not to wonder how the injury would affect Prescott’s inevitable payday.

Will the Cowboys offer him another lucrative long-term deal after this?

Will they franchise tag him again?

We know football is a business, but would the Cowboys be that cold?

It’s Andy Dalton’s offense now as the Cowboys look to recover from a slow start and a devastating injury to QB Dak Prescott. (Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports)

In the days since the ankle fracture and dislocation, it has become clear that Prescott is still on track to get the money he deserves, either from the Cowboys or from someone else. Yet, we must also acknowledge that how the Cowboys (2-3) finish the season will likely play a role in that decision.

As such, the first and only item in this week’s “Things I Noticed” column is the state of the Cowboys’ offense after the first five games of the season, specifically the four schematic elements I’ve noticed them execute this season that we’ll see more of without their most valuable offensive player.


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