Zeke vs Pollard, the Great Debate Continues

What a performance for Tony Pollard last Sunday. Pollard was the Cowboys featured back with Zeke Elliott on the sidelines with a knee issue. Pollard carried the ball 14 times for 131 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Cowboys offense looked like the Cowboys offense hanging 49 points on the Chicago Bears. So immediately the debate begins, Tony Pollard vs Ezekiel Elliott, who should be the Cowboys lead back? Most still believe it should be Zeke, Jerry Jones after the game gave Zeke the nod, but the debate continued Monday morning with heated exchanges on the morning TV shows. The Zeke side says he is a great blocker and the more physical runner which the Cowboys will need not only in a physical NFC East, but in the playoff chase. The Pollard side says Tony is the more explosive back and gives the Cowboys more options offensively. I tend to agree with the latter. Pollard can take the ball the distance on any play, he is shifty and quick which helps the offensive line, the hole doesn’t have to be there long. Not to mention the fact that the defense can’t stack the lone as much because Pollard has the ability to take the ball outside. Not saying there is not room for both, in fact in the NFL these days having two backs with different styles is almost necessary. But isn’t it time to switch the roles of these two backs? I think it is and I think you will see that the Cowboys think so as well. Pollard is a free agent after this season, he will get offers from other teams. The Cowboys will have to decide to continue to stroke the ego of Zeke Elliott or move on to a better option. Pollard is a game changer, Zeke used to be, but times have changed and the Cowboys need to do the same.

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