Dak Prescott: Most Hated Man in Sports?

The Dallas Cowboys are still America’s team, if you don’t believe me, just turn on SportsCenter or any other national sports show. The Cowboys consume the majority of time and their quarterback Dak Prescott is a close second. Everyone, including me, has an expectation for the Cowboys every year and it all begins and ends with the quarterback. Prescott is entering his 8th season as the Cowboys signal caller and by all accounts, even his own, he has fallen short. The Cowboys have won only two playoff games during that stretch, despite back to back 12 win seasons.

Prescott was on The Blitz Thursday and he says he doesn’t listen to all the noise, in fact he says he never watches television, but you have to believe he still hears the criticism. This is not new with Prescott, every quarterback to wear the star has walked in the same shoes. Team owner Jerry Jones has made the Cowboys a national brand, he enjoys the limelight and the players know what they are walking into, especially the quarterback.

There is no question Dak is a good guy, a leader, but can he get the Cowboys to a place that no other quarterback has been able to get them since Troy Aikman? His goal is to do just that, when asked to define success this season, Prescott did not hesitate to say Super Bowl. Easy to say but certainly much harder to do as Dak knows all too well.

The title of this story asks if Prescott is the most hated man in sports, the answer is no. What he is, the next in line to disappoint Cowboys fans and that may be the worst thing of all.

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