What Makes The Trey Lance Trade So Wrong

It was a bombshell trade for sure, Friday night, the Cowboys announced that they had traded a fourth-round pick for 49ers quarterback Trey Lance. Opinions varied from this is great to why would the Cowboys make such a move. My opinion is the latter, I can’t understand this particular move at this particular time. The Cowboys Super Bowl window is wide open and this trade does nothing to further that agenda. Trey Lance was a bust in San Francisco, it is very hard to argue otherwise. The Niners traded away a big part of their future to get him and still decided the best thing to do was to trade him away, why?

Look, I know the old saying, “one man’s trash is another team’s treasure and maybe that will be the case for Lance in Dallas, but the timing is very strange. I have said for weeks the Cowboys need to be thinking about a plan “B” when it comes to quarterback,  Dak Prescott has not gotten the job done in the postseason. If Trey Lance is the future, why did the Cowboys wait so long? Why not make this move earlier, the 49ers most certainly would have played ball, Lance was clearly done in northern California.

Saturday night the Cowboys lost another offensive lineman, Josh Ball is expected to be on the shelf for several months, shouldn’t the Cowboys look to shore up an extremely weak offensive line? Maybe Jerry and company will once cuts are made on Tuesday, but Quarterback was not a priority at this point in the season and Lance will not be much help to any Super Bowl run this year. Not to mention your QB 1 was not happy about the trade, will that factor in this season?

The trade has been made and Jerry Jones got his headlines and I wonder sometimes if that is more important than a trophy at the end of the year. This “big” trade makes no sense to me and listening to the arguments for it does nothing to change my mind. The sports world is talking and for Mr. Jones,  that seems to be just as good as winning.

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