Is Jerry Jones Serious??

Expectations for this Dallas Cowboys football team are high, they always are, in fact up early today watching ESPN and most of the show it seems is about the Cowboys and how they will do this season. It’s America’s team, I get it! The Jones family made all the right moves this off season, signing wide receiver Bradin Cooks and corner Stephon Gillmore. They have taken care of their young corner Trevon Diggs. But there is still that one thing that could throw a monkey wrench into any Super Bowl plans, offensive guard Zack Martin.

Martin is still a camp holdout and most don’t think that is a big deal at this point until you listen to Jerry Jones. He told the fellas of R & R in the morning Tuesday that there is no money allocated to playing Martin. Granted, Martin is asking for a new deal with 2 years left on his current deal. I’m guessing Jerry is negotiating through the media and when push comes to shove he will pay Martin or will he? Jerry has some more young players to pay and as of now, he is playing hardball with Martin. The offensive line group is a talented one but can they do without their leader? It would make things interesting for a team that has set its sights on this season.

It is always fun covering the Cowboys because something is always happening, but this bit of drama is season changing stuff. Paying Martin is not a choice, Jerry has to do it or does he? Stay tuned!

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