If the Jets Call, Will Jerry Answer?

It is official, Aaron Rodgers is done for the season. An MRI has confirmed he has a torn Achilles tendon. That news is disappointing to most NFL fans , most of us wanted to see if Rodgers could work his magic and get the Jets back to relevance. The Jets will now turn back to Zach Wilson, their #2 draft pick out of BYU who most Jet fans wanted to run out of town last year. The problem for the Jets, they need a back up which brings me to this scenario, what about Trey Lance? Would Jerry Jones listen if the Jets called? The Cowboys spent a 4th round draft pick to trade for Lance, would Jerry be satisfied to get a 2nd or 3rd rounder in return and call it a big win? I think he would consider it and should, after all, Lance will do nothing to help the Cowboys this year or possibly ever for that matter, so why not.

The Jets may never make that call and quite frankly I wouldn’t blame them, but they need someone and if the Cowboys thought highly of Lance why wouldn’t the Jets? Jerry made the Lance trade for the publicity that it brought, it worked, the Cowboys were the talk of the town for weeks after that trade. So if a team is desperate enough to call and offer, Jerry should listen and pull the trigger. The Cowboys have a chance to be special this year and now Jerry can make a huge splash by making a profit on a risky trade at best.

Of course that all depends on if the Jets call, I hope the Jones family is waiting by the phone.

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