Dak Prescott’s Breakfast Taco Secrets and Super Bowl Ambitions

Super Bowl.

When asked how to define success for the 2023 Dallas Cowboys, quarterback Dak Prescott didn’t
hesitate with the answer during his appearance on The Blitz.

“I have had a lot of wins in my career, a lot of winning seasons,” Prescott said.

Super Bowl is the goal of every NFL team. Goals is one thing, how to define success is another. I was
surprised that Dak went straight to Super Bowl instead of some cliché answer.

Maybe I should not be surprised. He sets a high bar for himself and he certainly has thick skin. He knows
what comes with being the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and he knows the criticism he will face if
he is not hoisting a Lombardi Trophy in Las Vegas.

We also learned his favorite breakfast taco – Sausage, bacon, eggs and hash browns with salsa on the
side…Hopefully the boys from R&R In The Morning are sending lots of breakfast tacos to The Star this
season. IYKYK.

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