Taking in all of Wemby-mania

Wemby Mania has officially hit San Antonio – or is it Wembantonio?

Photo: Jason Minnix (SA Sports Star)

It is easy to get caught up in the hoopla…from the water cannon salute over the private jet that got him safely to San Antonio after the draft in New York to the welcome to SA TV special at the Arneson River Theater to a well-produced introductory press conference at the AT&T Center.

We knew this was happening the moment the Spurs won the draft lottery. The Spurs shocked no one when they Selected Wembanyama first overall on Thursday. The press conference was not open to the public or it would have been a madhouse opposed to the controlled-craziness – Spurs staffers and their families were there and the media. I have not seen that much media at a Spurs event since the 2014 Finals.

During the press conference, I looked around and saw Spurs Chairman Peter J. Holt sitting alone in the stands taking it all in.

By Jason Minnix of San Antonio's Sports Star
Photo: Jason Minnix (SA Sports Star)

Instead of taking a seat behind a microphone on the stage, Holt took a seat in Section 8, Row 7.

I went over for a brief hello and saw what he was seeing from that vantage point and it was a pinch me moment.

With Victor Wembanyama in San Antonio, this proud franchise is back on the NBA radar and not only did they hit the lottery with an incredible basketball player, it seems they hit the lottery with an incredible person.

Photo: Jason Minnix (SA Sports Star)

Wemby seems like a genuinely nice person, mature beyond his years. We have seen dozens of interviews recently and he wins them all, says all the right things in a very thoughtful way – Manu like.

Following the event, Wemby put on his Spurs uniform for the first time and got up some shots at the AT&T Center…the first of many and hopefully with his arrival, the first of many in the month of June!

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