Is Dak Prescott a Top 10 quarterback?

It is the middle of July – its list season. ESPN dropped their Top 10 Quarterback list today and ESPN has Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is in at No. 9.

For the last several years, I have had Dak between 7-10 on my list – I know the homer comments are coming. I heard Rob and Rudy this morning on R&R say he is not Top 10.

For the record, the ESPN list has Mahomes at No. 1, followed by Burrow, Allen, Rodgers and Herbert to round out the top 5. Hurts is at 6 followed by Lamar, Lawrence, Prescott and then Stafford rounding out the top 10.

ESPN wrote “One of the most polarizing figures on this list each year, Prescott remains a fringe top-10 passer — consistently voted in, yet never considered in the upper echelon. He appeared on nearly 60% of the ballots but not higher than seventh in any ranking.

Throwing 15 interceptions — tied for worst in the league despite missing five games with a fractured thumb — was a cloud over him.”

And that is Dak Prescott – no higher than 7 – not upper echelon – and certainly the most polarizing because he is quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.


I know many of you will laugh at this list and Prescott being in the Top 10…The honorable mention guys include Deshaun, Kirk Cousins, Goff, Carr and Tua…and sure, Dak could easily be in that conversation.

I have said many times since the end of the season, as much as I love Dak, he needs to get it done in the postseason. I really don’t care if he is a Top 10 quarterback in July. The question is will he be a Top 10 quarterback at the end of the season?


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